Realistic low poly 3D models

File formats
Poly Count
File Size

File Formats

We work with .obj, .glb, .gltf, .fbx or any other format that you may require.


We deploy Maya, Blender, Zbrush, SubstancePainter, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Gestaltor among others.


Colours, sizes; you name it!


All the standard ranges of Low poly and High poly counts.

File Size

Tailored to your needs, subject to your quality expectations.

Reliability, Dependability, Scalability!

The key features of our services are our reliable models, dependable timelines and scalable workflow for your project size. Driven by passion and the will to push beyond the limits, we at Ikarus see every day as an opportunity to create something different and exceptional. We endeavour to build long-lasting relationships, and firmly believe that mutual respect and admiration are crucial for creating successful and fruitful partnerships.

Let us know your requirements!

And We’ll outline option that works for you.

Our services 

AR / VR Ready 3D Models

3D models are a crucial part of any business, whether you work in products or services. With various applications encompassing product visualization, applications in metaverse, applications in entertainment, AR and VR virtual try-ons, 360⁰ virtual tours, virtual events,

Photogrammetry & 3D Scan Clean-Ups

We are the world’s first and largest 3D scan clean-up company, making it easier for you to convert your SKUs into digital assets. Combining the data resulting from a digital or laser scan with existing data or flat surfaces, we create fully textured models of manmade objects.

3D Model File Optimization

At Ikarus 3D, we know that our customers value quality and efficiency. That is why we develop tools and services that will optimize 3D models while maintaining the integrity of the original design. Our proprietary technology makes it possible for you to convert your data

Meta Ready 3D Avatars

As the metaverse is becoming a reality, ‘living in your imagination’ will not stay just a synonym to day-dreaming. Ikarus 3D has geared up to deliver the best 3D customizable avatars in the market to live the opportunity of whoever you want to be. Be a sword-wielding ninja chameleon

VTO Ready 3D Assets

VTO (Virtual Try-on), a need of the hour, won’t be an exaggeration. Ikarus 3D has designed numerous VTO ready assets so far for a variety of product categories like furniture, accessories (glasses, bag, shoes) furniture, automobile, among others. With VTO ready assets

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