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Fashion Weeks' Unsustainability: Necessity of Digital Fashion Revolution

Explore how fashion week events like Milan, New York, London are unsustainable in the long run, and how digital fashion events are the future of fashion, only if we intend on saving the planet.

 Fashion Models post ramp walk discarding outfits post ramp walk
 One time worn articles are discarded after fashion week resulting in increase of carbon footprint

While concepts like Phygital experiences, NFTs, and the Metaverse might capture imaginations and headlines as potential game-changers in the fashion industry's future, it's essential to recognize the promising reality of digital fashion for e-commerce in the present moment. Digital fashion offers a unique opportunity to revolutionize how consumers interact with clothing, accessories, and styles online. 

Furthermore, digital fashion allows for greater creativity and sustainability in design and production processes. Designers can create unique digital garments without the constraints of physical materials, leading to innovative designs that push the boundaries of traditional fashion. 

Showcase of digital fashion 3D Models

What is Digital Fashion?

Digital Fashion is the visual representation of clothing built using computer technologies and 3D software. 

With over 15,000 such 3D models retopologized/optimized and created from scratch by us, we know it significantly contributes to sustainability efforts in the fashion industry by reducing material consumption, minimizing waste, and lowering carbon emissions.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the fashion industry is responsible for using 93 billion cubic meters of water annually, which can meet the needs of 5 million people.

How is Digital Fashion working in e-commerce?

Multiple variations of colours with pricing in digital fashion.
E-Commerce Customisation for Digital Fashion reducing costs and carbon footprint.

Online sales are rapidly reshaping the industry in the digital fashion and e-commerce landscape. Global revenue surged from $481 billion in 2018 to $713 billion by 2024, driven by a surge in digitally-savvy consumers, especially younger demographics.

Targeting existing digital fashion enthusiasts with personalized promotions and optimizing convenience in the virtual shopping process are proven strategies for driving digital sales. 

Moreover, VTO (virtual try-on) is now recognized as both a marketing and convenience tool, driving its adoption across various product categories every day as brands are capitalizing on it beyond sales to enhance brand engagement and establish a strong position in customers' minds. 

In fact, research by McKinsey & Company suggests that the shift towards digital processes and virtual fashion experiences could reduce fashion's carbon footprint by up to 10%. Moreover, adopting digital platforms for virtual ownership and display will promote circular economy principles, extending the lifespan of clothing items and reducing overall resource consumption.

How can Digital Fashion Help with Sustainability? 

3D Model of golden jump suit in nature environment.
Digital Fashion representation in virtual environment for E-commerce story presentation

Digital fashion, augmented by the immersive experience of augmented and virtual reality, has many benefits: 

  • AR/VR-driven Innovation: Digital fashion leverages AR technology to create interactive, immersive experiences that captivate audiences. AR allows virtual try-ons, enabling consumers to visualize garments in real time without physical production, thereby minimizing waste and encouraging sustainable consumption.
  • Global Accessibility and Reduced Carbon Footprint: By embracing digital platforms and AR-enhanced presentations, fashion weeks become accessible to a global audience, breaking geographical barriers and reducing the carbon footprint associated with travel to physical venues. Attendees can participate from anywhere, promoting inclusivity while mitigating environmental impact.
  • Sustainable Material Exploration: AR-enabled digital fashion allows designers to experiment with sustainable materials and production methods. From eco-friendly fabrics to zero-waste techniques, AR simulations empower designers to showcase innovative, environmentally conscious designs without physical prototypes, fostering a more sustainable fashion ecosystem.

In essence, the fusion of digital fashion with AR technology is a hub of creativity, technology, and environmental stewardship, paving the way for a more inclusive, innovative, and sustainable future of fashion.


Fashion weeks like Milan, NYC  are vital intersections of creativity and commerce, sparking discussions on sustainability and celebrating the artistry driving the industry forward. Beyond glamor, they showcase innovative designs and encourage dialogue on ethics, responsible consumption, and the future of fashion in our evolving world.

What do you need to get on the map for digital fashion E - Commerce ?

Digital retail leaders like are merging online convenience with immersive experiences. At Ikarus 3D, we're leading this transformation with cutting-edge 3D fashion design technology. By democratizing digital assets, we're reshaping e-commerce, enriching the online shopping journey, and setting a new industry standard. Our commitment to innovation positions us as pioneers in this shift towards a future where digital fashion dominates, making shopping more interactive and inclusive.

At Ikarus 3D, we craft AR-ready 3D models with precision and finesse, ensuring a seamless blend of innovation and top-tier quality. 

Moksha Jain profile image Moksha Jain
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