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MWC 2024's Greatest Tech Reveals: The Best Tech Announcement

Mobile World Congress 2024 has some of the most significant tech revelations. Learn more about the top innovations from global brands.

 World’s most influential connectivity event in Spain
Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona in 2024

One of the most anticipated technology conferences, Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024, ends following a busy few days. The yearly conference serves as a launchpad for the newest products from telecom, networking, and mobile manufacturers, among other businesses.

Nearly 100,000 people flocked to the second-largest city in sunny Spain this year to mingle with the elite of the mobile industry and gain an early, first-hand look at the innovations of upcoming mobile technology.

While the annual conference is a staging ground for the latest innovation, here's a quick look at the best announcement so far at MWC 2024

Key Innovations 

Transparent laptop screen

Lenovo does not intend on producing the laptop for the masses
Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent laptop concept

One of its kind, the first laptop with a 17.3-inch Micro LED transparent display is the Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept. The translucent keyboard region at the bottom of the laptop is even more impressive; it asks where the internal components are located. Both panels have a frameless design and excellent brightness. Though still a concept, the Lenovo translucent laptop offers a possible glimpse into laptops to come.

Lenovo's latest product brings new hopes to the world of technology; it comes with pros and cons. Here's our take on the transparent laptop screens


The translucent keyboard region at the bottom of the laptop is even more impressive; it shows where the internal components are located. Both panels have a frameless design and brightness.

Transparent screens enable users to overlay digital information onto their physical environment. This functionality can enhance productivity, provide contextual information, and create immersive experiences.

Transparent laptop screens offer a sleek and futuristic design aesthetic. It opens creative branding opportunities, such as displaying dynamic logos or promotional content in retail environments or at events.  


Transparent laptop screens may compromise user privacy, as bystanders can easily see the content displayed on the screen from various angles.

These screens are susceptible to glare and reflections, impairing visibility and readability, particularly in brightly lit environments or under direct sunlight. 

Samsung Sleep Rings

Samsung Galaxy Ring is intended to be used for tracking sleep cycle and help in improving it
Samsung Galaxy Ring launched at MWC 2024

Samsung's Galaxy Ring aims to improve your sleep cycle. The company has added top features, including onboard sensors to measure heart rate, movement, and breathing to create a cross-section between the wearer's health and sleep patterns. However, the company hasn't revealed its battery life or pricing. 

Motorola Foldable phone around the wrist   

Motorola's concept rollable phone
Motorola's New concept phone displays promising tech but does not want to launch in public market prematurely

Motorola has developed its "rollable concept phone" that folds around the wrist. The idea is from the Galaxy Fold. However, the product is just a concept, as there's no proof of the product being developed commercially.

A phone that fits your preferences by bending and molding. Imagine having the ability to turn a smartphone into any shape you want. Although it sounds like something from a science fiction movie, Motorola has made this idealistic future vision a reality. 

The rollable design is far more functional than the folding one, but it can't just be snapped shut and put in your pocket because it doesn't have a crease.  

The operating system adjusts to the device's orientation, prioritizing the area of the screen you use most frequently. It is also capable of handling a Connect 4 game between two players.

Rollable, according to Lenovo, contains several batteries. Even though this category only makes up a small portion of the smartphone industry, it is still being determined whether Apple will try it. 

Xiaomi SU7 Max EV Car based on Hyper OS

Xiaomi's EV SU7 with HyperCharge
Xiaomi has stepped into the EV auto market with their SU7

Xiaomi EVs' first product, SU7, has taken the show. It's believed to be a full-size, high-performance eco-technology sedan. Xiaomi has developed core EV technologies, including Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving and Smart Cabin, E-motor, CTB Integrated Battery, and Xiaomi Die Casting. Meanwhile, the SU7 will develop a "HyperOS" operating system.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Xiaomi 14 Ultra series with Leica cameras
Xiaomi is all set to launch brand new phone with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Chipset

Xiaomi is set for the global debut of its Xiaomi 14 Ultra, which boosts fantastic photography specifications with a one-inch type sensor and a variable aperture with 1024 stops between f/1.63 and f/4.0. The 14 Ultra is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Chipset.

HTC Vive Lite Enterprise

HTC Introduces VIVE Business+ for B2B usecases

While HTC has been into AR/VR/XR for a long time, HTC is introducing VIVE Business+ for the VIVE XR Elite specifically for companies. VIVE Business+ is a service that makes it easier to monitor and deploy content remotely, provides centralized control of many VIVE Focus 3 and VIVE XR Elite devices, and empowers the incorporation of XR technology into the workplace.

Oppo Air Glass 3

Oppo Air Glass 3 with AndesGPT
Oppo Air Glass 3 is supposed to be really light and work as a Computer screen

OPPO Air Glass 3 can access OPPO's AndesGPT model via a smartphone app for generative AI capabilities. OPPO has established the OPPO AI Center and released the OPPO AI Smartphone White Paper as it continues to explore the forefront of AI development and implementation.

OPPO, AlpsenTek, and Qualcomm Technologies have debuted new Hybrid Vision Sensing technology featuring AI Motion that delivers breakthroughs in image deblurring and high frame rate slow motion video on mobile phones.


The MWC 2024 aims to revolutionize the world of technology. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona showcased various groundbreaking innovations and advancements across the tech industry. It proved to be a platform for shaping the future of connectivity and digital transformation. 

Ishan Kumar profile image Ishan Kumar
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