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Understanding the significance of 3D Scan Cleanups for Shapes

Get a brief insight into thorough 3D scan cleanups for organic shapes. Learn how precision and attention to detail can elevate the quality of 3D models in various applications. Discover the transformative potential of effective cleanup processes.

3D scan models

Mastering the nuances of the 3D capture process can be a challenging aspect for even the experts. It's a significant obstacle, especially regarding scan cleanups of organic shapes. With long-term experience, a custom 3D modeling company can unlock the potential to achieve remarkable results, elevating the 3D scan cleanups process. Implementing the correct scanning technique will make the overall process smooth. Most importantly, it gives the best resolution with ultra-high accuracy 3D models for the scanner.

The proper control of the environment

When scanning indoors, there's a designated area of purpose. It's essential to create a controlled environment, giving a better chance of consistent scan results. The process of 3D scan cleanups is more about acquiring data from the object and the device, cutting noisy scans and inaccurate results.

When scanning outdoors, focusing on shaded areas away from the sun is significant. This helps capture the best scan.

The Right Fixture

Incorrect mounting is one of the reasons for poor scan cleanup. It's significant to ensure all the fixtures are appropriately organized. While 3D scan cleanups need not be costly, you can use everyday office supplies to secure scan objects in place.

The fixture gets deleted during the post-processing phase. Remember that good institutions offer unique geometric shapes and textures to help the 3D scanner track movement.

Object Rotation

Photogrammetry of a character

A professional custom 3D modeling company will capture multiple scans of objects for complete coverage. Besides, we don't recommend any slide type as it confuses the 3D scanner's tracking and registration algorithms.

It's best to use a manual turntable to rotate the object while 3D scan cleanups occur.

Textured Background

A background that offers unique geometry or texture helps improve the accuracy of the scan. Moreover, the right textured background ensures seamless tracking and registration. It equally helps improve the 3D scan and align the scan data.

Texture mapping is complex; however, 2D images with text and color provide excellent background reference in the 3D scanning workflow.

Recalibration of 3D Scanner for Accuracy

To ensure accurate 3D scan cleanups, it's essential to recalibrate the 3D scanner. However, the overall frequency may vary. The experts calibrate as per their project requirements. Remember, only correct recalibration can provide you with the best cleanup model.

Edits and Cleanups

The next important step after the 3D scan cleanups is the edit process. The software removes any noise, artifacts, or errors that have occurred during the process. Here, the 3D artists will fill up the missing or incomplete areas. Meanwhile, tools and features can seamlessly crop, trim, erase, and fill, ensuring transformation in the scanned data.

Data Transfer

It's significant to scan data to software where you may further refine and customize the model. Clients may choose several file formats from OBJ, STL, or PLY as a part of 3D modeling services. However, our experts recommend choosing the manageable and suitable one for the purpose.

Model Optimization

The final part is the testing and optimization. This is where the client needs to track the desired output. Ensuring the model is compatible with different tools and features is vital. You get the option to preview, simulate, or check feedback to improve the model for the output.


Removing imperfections and refinement plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of 3D models. The right process provides you with the full potential of 3D scanning, leading to more accurate, realistic, and versatile representations. Understanding the value and possibility of correct scan cleanup in the current environment provides an edge over others.


Why do I need a 3D scan cleanup service?

Image Photogrammetry of a woman

A 3D scan cleanup service is essential to refine raw scan data, removing imperfections and optimizing the model for various applications, ensuring accuracy and realism. This process enhances the quality and usability of 3D models for industries like design, art, gaming, and manufacturing.

What makes a high-quality 3D model?

A high-quality 3D model exhibits precise details, realistic textures, and a well-optimized polygon count, ensuring its intended use meets performance and aesthetic standards. Quality is also marked by accuracy, effective topology, and suitability for the chosen application.

How does a custom 3D modeling company improve 3D scan cleanups?

A custom 3D modeling company enhances 3D scan cleanups through tailored solutions, addressing specific project requirements and ensuring precise results. Their software, algorithms, and quality control expertise optimize the final 3D models for various applications.

How do Ikarus 3D make 3D scans clear?

At Ikarus 3D, we employ specialized software and skilled technicians who remove imperfections. We optimize mesh topology and enhance textures, leading to a clean and precise 3D scan. Our QA tool ensures that the final model meets the client's requirements.

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