November 25, 2021

Benefits of GLB lightweight 3d files

3D product visualisation, AR or VR experience have added a new dimension to customers’ online shopping experience. Not only has it boosted sales for businesses, but it has also brought down product returns. Shopify reported an increased conversion of 2X post-integration of AR on their app. Houzz’ attained an 11x figure growth through AR integration. Loreal tripled its conversion rate. 

As a business trying to integrate 3D product visualisation, AR or VR experience, choosing the right 3D model file format is critical in enhancing customer experience. This article will cover why you should choose GLB 3D files for website and app integration.

What is a GLB 3D file?

Developed in 2015 by Khronos Group, GLB is a file format used for creating 3D images and scenes that enables you to view the model and scene from all 360-degree angles. Like your JPG in 2D, the GLB format is lightweight yet graphically detailed. 

Advantages of GLB 3D files

  1. Extremely lightweight – A GLB 3D file is 33% lighter than a gITF. It integrates well with the website and app without affecting their loading time and performance. 
  2. Ease of integration – The format can be opened and edited in many graphics and 3D apps and easily integrates with 3D product visualisation, AR and VR.
  3.  Physically Based Rendering – It is the only format with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) that allows light and shadow to appear more realistic, enabling higher detailing of characteristics of materials in the 3D asset.
  4. Animation – The GLB file contains dynamic coding updates for speed and improvements in animation.
  5. Instant-view – GLB comes in single file format and does not require additional coding, making it easier to upload and view. 
  6. Platform agnostic- GLB 3D files can seamlessly integrate into websites, mobile apps, AR, VR and social media 

Whether it is e-commerce, education or gaming, GLB 3D file format can help you create an immersive experience for your customers. GLB 3D designing being a niche, you need reliable partners like Ikarus 3D to design premium and optimised files that can quickly deploy into 3D product visualisation, AR and VR and deliver a captivating visual experience to the customers. 

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