We at IKARUS 3D build 3D models so your brand has a creative edge

Be it product Demos, Virtual try-ons or VR based stores, we’ve got you covered.

Nishant Verma

VP-3D | Co-Founder

Ishan Kumar

CEO | Founder

"Have you ever wondered what if I were alive during the Internet boom? Could I have contributed? Could I have helped further mankind? Today we have a similar opportunity. What we create today at Ikarus 3D, will contribute directly to the future that we will live in. The drawings we draw on the virtual walls might seem like a small cog in the greater scheme of things, but so did Thomson’s discovery of the electron."

Ishan Kumar Giddu, CEO & Founder

From a dorm to one of the biggest 3D Design teams in the world

Here's what our journey looks like so far

Meet the people behind IKARUS 3D

3D Design

It’s time for lateral thinking in 3D - to gather extensive insights of previous concepts and use them as stepping stones to find greater efficiencies. We’re recognizing how design has been implemented and unearthing newer ways to refine execution with 3D.

Nishant Verma, Vice President 3D & Co-founder

Human Resource

We build visions into reality. Our very reason for existing is to induct individual excellence, channelize it into a cadre of brilliance and improve on our own previous conquests. We augment inspiration, we augment triumphs.

Pragya Jain, HR Manager


We’re on an endeavour to become a team capable of next generation innovation with an in-depth knowledge of our domain and technology. Finding ourselves at the cross-section of tech, art, and physics, we’re not just engineers, but creative problem solvers.

Pritish Sehzpaul, Head of Technology


All of us are in love with marketing in a way that our jobs entail only one thing, no matter the role; expression! We express what Ikarus 3D can do for our clients in a way that establishes trust in our capabilities and mutual respect, making us a clear option for them. As we say, “Ikarus 3D is a venture of growth” and that shows in our energy. Up and up we go!

Ananya Nigam, Head of Marketing

Business Development

We as a team, aim to identify opportunities to build win-win Business Partnerships with our clients by uncovering their needs and requirements. To grow our business capabilities and synergies, we focus on creating development plans and forecasting growth projections to entail new partnerships and bringing tremendous efficiency to our partners’ modus operandi.

Archna Luthra, Business Development Manager

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Our values are part of everything

Sharpen your axe

Before getting into action, we make sure that no stone is left unturned in our research. We prioritise analysing the models of approach, their ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ and subsequent improvements - so our work is always backed by a store of knowledge.

Almost is nothing

Nobody remembers whoever ran the race; everyone remembers who won. We passionately believe that output is either 1 or 0. We will never settle for anything less than an absolute 1, because fractional effort or a half-hearted attempt is meaningless.

Make smart mistakes

We encourage mistakes because they’re essential to growth. If any of us takes a well thought out bet and it doesn’t work out, it’s absolutely fine. There’s only one rule - the mistakes shouldn’t be on account of negligence, lack of work ethic or impulsivity.

More pots yield better results than a perfect one

We balance out both quality and quantity, which ultimately maximizes our efficiency. Instead of hyperfixation on achieving one perfect result, we put in effort for multiple quality results achieved timely.

If you’re not obsessed, you’re not passionate enough

We’re at 200% when it comes to passion. We obsess over finding solutions and upgrading our execution, which is why we’re able to innovate.