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Lights, Smiles, Celebrations

  • Lohri Celebration 2023

  • Holi 2023

  • Independence Day 2022

  • Olympian Gala 2022

  • Diwali 2022

  • Christmas 2022

  • Team Outings

  • In-House Battle Royale

" People from diverse backgrounds can connect the pieces better, perhaps better than the effective way known. We welcome different perspectives, varied experiences and unconventional ideas ."

Pragya Jain, HR Manager

Belonging in Diversity

Fly High

Ikarus 3D well being program

It’s challenging to work in a startup where every individual’s performance makes a direct contribution to the organization's growth. The desire to continuously upgrade and prove oneself is at its maximum, which at times could be overwhelming. We at Ikarus 3D understand this very well.

Group Workshops And Trainings

Chai Time: A safe space

Personality Development

Mental Health Advocacy

  • At Ikarus 3D, we strongly believe that employee wellness is not a distant privilege or a corporate formality. Instead, psychological safety is a basic right which has to be widely accessible to all.
  • Learning never stops. So we’re making sure to take inspiration from the stories of one another, and build one another up piece by piece.
  • Each member of Team Ikarus deserves a safe space. We’ve set up Individual Psychotherapy sessions and conducted Personality Evaluation for improved mental health and performance enhancement.