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We have a dedicated team of more than 80 3D artists and an internal quality assurance tool to give your customers the best experience when interacting with your products.

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Why work with us?

Trusted by clients in 17+ countries, we craft detail oriented 3D models for your customers so they see your product and envision its benefits clearly. 

Team of more than 80 3D Artists

We have a skilled team of over 80 in-house 3D artists to handle a variety of 3D projects from start to finish, so you don’t have to hire freelancers or a full-fledged team for it.

Being a one-stop-shop for many project types and industries including gaming, jewellery and footwear, we train our artists to have functional specializations in modelling, texturing, sculpting, retopology, etc. Through suitable design infrastructure and our development programs, we upskill our 3D artists to ensure perfection in the entire 3D asset creation process for the e-commerce, AR, VR or WebAR industries, cutting down your operating costs.

Depending upon the project size, we dedicate a team specifically for your project. Each team headed by an expert project manager builds product-accurate 3D models that are compatible with any platform. Every feedback is absorbed to deliver the project exactly how you would expect your product visualizations to be - no compromises.

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In-House Quality Assurance Tool

Through our in-house Quality Assurance (QA) tool, we check your entire project internally at all levels. The tool is deployed with Quality Assurance experts to identify and correct errors in the 3D models, bringing down corrections by 35%.

The QA tool improves the build and detail of 3D assets, leading to minimum revisions over feedback on assets produced. We have numerous quality checkpoints throughout the workflow for inspection and correction of any potential issues before the project reaches you, and we’re able to deliver your 3D models within the shortest turnaround time.

One of the key benefits of the QA tool is its ability to improve accuracy over a number of nitty-gritties in the models. A few of the features in the tool are:
1. Grid Helper to check the model’s position in the 3D space
2. Axis Helper to view the direction in which the model is facing (X, Y or Z)
3. Channel Debugger to resolve any issues in the base color, metalness, normal, roughness, opacity, etc.
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Support Team That’s Always There

We understand that your project deserves 100% attention. We dedicate an entire team handled by a project manager to your task depending on the volume of 3D assets - with a 24x7 available person of contact for a seamless communication.

Building long-lasting and successful partnerships is our priority, and it is achieved when communication is transparent, clear and unrestricted. Your project manager and POC is available to you 24x7 for smooth and timely updates so you’re in on the progress of your project at all times. Through the POC, we invite any feedback and suggestions you have and implement it real-time so the end delivery has minimal to no revisions.

You’re not just a customer to us, but a partner, so we assure prompt assistance throughout the progress of your project.

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Here’s what you get:

Trusted 3D Team

A large, trustable, fully-dedicated 3D team that understands the scope of work for your project

Assets at Scale

Custom 3D models at scale with best turnaround time, no matter the file or the project size

Precise Delivery

24x7 support and an intensive in-house quality assurance before the final delivery

Smooth Integration

Seamless and smooth integration of 3D models on any configurator or platform

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