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Vintage Chesterfield Sofa 3D Model
Vintage Chesterfield Sofa 3D Model

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  • Plattar
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3D Augmented Reality Lamp Placement
Baby Yoda 3D Scanned Model
Man Metaverse 3D Avatar
Timepiece Virtual Try-On 3D Asset
3D  Virtual Reality Services
Interior Virtual Space 3D Room

Services We Offer

Virtual Reality 3D models

Our lightweight models guarantee seamless integration with any platform, improving upon interactivity and immersiveness.

VTO 3D Assets

With virtual try-on 3D assets, give your customers a seamless shopping experience and build trust that lasts long-term.

Metaverse 3D Avatars

We are the leading 3D character design creators that build high definition, compatible custom avatars for various purposes.

3D Scan Clean-Up

We use a variety of techniques for mesh optimization, making your 3D scans an accurate representation.

Augmented Reality 3D models

Increase conversions with AR ready 3D models, as we ensure a clean topology along with 1:1 precision.

3D Virtual Spaces

From conferences to 3D environments, our skilled artists and tech can design spaces that are tailored to you.

VTO 3D Assets

With virtual try-on 3D assets, give your customers a seamless shopping experience and build trust that lasts long-term.

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Single Seater Sofa 3D Model
Glasses 3D Model
Women Clothes 3D Model
Shoes 3D Model
Lounge Funiture 3D Model
Classic 3-seater Sofa 3D Model
Office Chair 3D Model
Single Seater Sofa 3D Model

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We are on a journey towards shaping the future with our services, helping our clients reach their goals with everlasting success







Why Choose Ikarus 3D?

With our expertise in all things 3D, we deliver 3D modeling services that get you digital-ready.

Dedicated Team of 80+ 3D Artists

Dedicated Team of 80+ 3D Artists

In-house Quality Assurance Tool

In-house Quality Assurance Tool

24x7 Available Person of Contact

24x7 Available Person of Contact

Words of our Esteemed Clients

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    4.9 star rating

    Erin Sudeck,

    Head of 3D, VNTANA

    "The team is super responsive offering a genuinely fast turnaround. Our clients typically provide us eComm links to work with, and that's all the team needs to deliver the assets."

    4 star rating

    Gabriele Kraujelyte,

    Project Manager, SAYDUCK

    "I really appreciate the team's willingness to improve, it's attention to detail and it's professional approach to business. We're continuously in talks on how to upgrade our partnership. "

    4.9 star rating

    Breno Glennon,

    Project and Client Success Manager, PLATTAR

    "I like how you focus on communicating more to keep us and the team in the loop. I commend the quality of work and ability to deliver output on time."

  • Future Fashion Solutions
    4 star rating


    Digital Project Manager, Future Fashion Solutions

    "I like the speed with which you realize the models. I'd suggest improvement in how the models are scaled."

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A Streamlined Process to Design Customized 3D Solutions

We follow a time-tested process to craft high-impact 3D solutions that align with your project requirements.


E-meet and SOW Discussion

We discuss the expectations and scope of work for the project.


Live Updates

We keep you updated with the status of your projects at all points.


Timely Project Delivery

The project is delivered to you with the fastest turnaround time.


Mapping Technical Details

We map out your requirements like the file size, format, delivery timeline.


Extensive Quality Assurance

Our proprietary QA tool has brought down corrections by 35%.


Feedback Implementation

We note your feedback and implement it to your satisfaction.

Quick Answers to Common Questions

What are 3D modeling services?
3D Modeling Services provide a complete three-dimensional digital representation of products and services using advanced software. From simple shapes to intricate designs, experts can create realistic 3D models extensively. 3D Modeling Services cater to diverse industries such as architecture, product design, manufacturing, and more.
What is the difference between a low-poly model and a high-poly model?
A low-poly model utilizes fewer polygons when shaping products. Each shape is made up of smaller polygons making them more optimized to create 3D applications like video games. Meanwhile, a high-poly model uses more polygons that make objects look accurate. High-poly models are beneficial when developing animations and high-quality visualizations.
Can you use low-poly models in real-time applications?
Low-poly models use lower polygon count. Moreover, when going with a low-poly model, one can still develop a more specific and high-quality realistic model provided you choose the right 3D modeling program. It's important to understand that low poly models take less storage space and load faster on the website.
Can image-based modeling be used for complex objects?
Image-based modeling can be used for complex objects. The process involves developing 3D models using 2D images. For instance, with the use of photogrammetry and advanced software systems, the technology enables 3D Modeling Services to run complex structures with desired accuracy. Image-based modeling can work for different specifications, including buildings, terrains, and more.
Do you create 3D models from scratch based on specifications?
Our experts create 3D models from scratch. We develop a structured process that combines creativity, technical expertise, and comprehensive client interactivity. We collect data specifications to model your products. The process undergoes complete skeletal replenishment of structures at each stage. Gathering feedback from stakeholders is a significant part here. As a result, the end product comes with high-quality 3D models that meet the desired quality standards.