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3D models are a crucial part of any business, whether you work in products or services. With various applications encompassing product visualization, applications in metaverse, applications in entertainment, AR and VR virtual try-ons, 360⁰ virtual tours, virtual events, training environments and showrooms, among others, 3D models get your business ready for the future. Ikarus 3D makes your decision to step into the future worthwhile with our team of experts and our work that proves our metal. We are a cutting-edge full-stack studio focused on innovation in 3D modeling creation. We offer 3D model creation for our customers with projects of any size. Our goal is to provide hyper-real bespoke models. No matter how small or large your project may be, we will always ensure that we meet your requirements.

Low Poly 3D Assets

A one-stop shop for all your 3D modeling needs


Whether your project consists of ten models or ten thousand, we will get it done.

Highly Compatible

Seamless integration with AR, VR and any Product visualization software

Efficiency Redefined!

Our processes are set in a way that provides us a streamlined procedure. We churn out thousands of models in a month. Our young and motivated 3D artists are process driven, making every model with utmost precision.

what we do 


We are the world’s first and largest 3D scan clean-up company, making it easier for you to convert your SKUs into digital assets. Combining the data resulting from a digital or laser scan with existing data or flat surfaces, we create fully textured models of manmade objects. Our photogrammetry services create accurate measurements for industries like fashion, footwear, eyewear, furniture, and automobiles by making use of Auto-Desk Reality and sensors like LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to get as precise scans as possible.

Our team of experts will help you with any 3D scanning and photogrammetry project given our extensive experience in the areas of drone mapping, 3D scanning, 3D modeling and rendering, and photogrammetry.

Mesh Optimisation

We use a variety of techniques to optimize scanned data and make it more accurate.

Texture touch ups

We can create models by extracting the object from a scan or by creating a virtual data set based on the scan.

Multipurpose usage

We provide large and small 3D models that blend seamlessly into any application.

What we do 


If your business relies on 3D models for any of their plethora of uses, you would have struggled at least once in your life with the size and weight of these files. Thus, you need to optimize your models to a low poly version and only keep the necessary geometry. We at Ikarus 3D help our clients with the best ways and techniques of 3D model optimization.


  • Optimize the 3D models while keeping the integrity intact of the original model
  • Portray maximum but necessary details; reduce overlapping and extraneous geometry
  • Convert your 3D models from high poly to widely compatible low poly models


Why choose us?


  • Uncompromised quality
  • Work at scale
  • Fastest Turnaround Time

Partner with us today to experience outstanding file optimization catering to the needs of your business. Ikarus 3D is here to help you with 3D optimization to make your 3D printing and modeling projects smoother and compatible across platforms.

Uncompromised quality

Premium quality 3D models that are can easily be integrated into AR and VR

Work-at scale

Delivering projects in bulk with uncompromising quality

Fastest Turnaround time

Fast-track your journey to market

what we do 


As the metaverse becomes a reality, ‘living in your imagination’ will not stay just a synonym for daydreaming. Ikarus 3D has geared up to deliver the best 3D customizable avatars in the market to live the opportunity of whoever you want to be. Be a sword-wielding ninja chameleon, a pop icon black panther, or just be yourself; imagination is no barrier. We are equipped to bring your vision of your virtual self to the digital realm. High-definition avatars get you close to the future of ‘reality’.

While the avatar designs in metaverse are functional, it is a representation of yourself, is functional really enough? Not to mention the constraint of choices available. Not only metaverse, but soon application-based augmented reality and virtual reality will touch our lives, with assistance, companionship, education, healthcare, work, and so many more. And the first step in preparing for this paradigm shift is to get your own 3D avatar.

Get a Meta Ready 3D avatar today!

Pick your own skin

Personalization and customization for avatar creation at its best

Meta ready

Want to experience why having a virtual avatar is so hyped? Get Meta ready with us.

VR environments

Readily integratable avatars with all VR environments giving you seamless experience.

what we do 


VTO (Virtual Try-on), a need of the hour, won’t be an exaggeration. Ikarus 3D has designed numerous VTO ready assets so far for a variety of product categories like furniture, accessories (glasses, bag, shoes) furniture, automobile, among others. With VTO ready assets, users are able to experience a photo-realistic 3D model of several off-the-shelf products with just some clicks on their mouse.

With a full catalog of products made by Ikarus 3D, you can provide users with the highest quality products available. Each product is created with high-quality pictures and user-friendly modeling.

Virtual Try ons

Premium quality 3D models that are easily be integrated into AR and VR

3x longer dwell time

Try ons let’s customers take their before making a decision; leads to better satisfaction and bigger product consideration set

Better Customer Experience

Minimize ambiguities about your products and increase conversion.

Efficiency Redefined!

Our processes are set in a way that provides us a streamlined procedure. We churn out thousands of models in a month. Our young and motivated 3D artists are process driven, making every model with utmost precision.

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