AR & VR Ready 3D Models


3D models are a crucial part of any business, whether you work in products or services. With various applications encompassing product visualization, applications in metaverse, applications in entertainment, AR and VR virtual try-ons, 360⁰ virtual tours, virtual events, training environments and showrooms, among others, 3D models get your business ready for the future. Ikarus 3D makes your decision to step into the future worthwhile with our team of experts and our work that proves our metal. We are a cutting-edge full-stack studio focused on innovation in 3D modeling creation. We offer 3D model creation for our customers with projects of any size. Our goal is to provide hyper-real bespoke models. No matter how small or large your project may be, we will always ensure that we meet your requirements.

Low Poly 3D Assets

A one-stop shop for all your 3D modeling needs


Whether your project consists of ten models or ten thousand, we will get it done.

Highly Compatible

Seamless integration with AR, VR and any Product visualization software

Efficiency Redefined!

Our processes are set in a way that provides us a streamlined procedure. We churn out thousands of models in a month. Our young and motivated 3D artists are process driven, making every model with utmost precision.

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