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As the metaverse is becoming a reality, ‘living in your imagination’ will not stay just a synonym to day-dreaming. Ikarus 3D has geared up to deliver the best 3D customizable avatars in the market to live the opportunity of whoever you want to be. Be a sword-wielding ninja chameleon, a pop icon black panther, or just be yourself; imagination is no barrier. We are equipped with the latest technology to deliver to you, a fully custom avatar that brings your vision of your virtual self to the digital realm. High definition avatars that bring you close to the future of ‘reality’.

Pick your own skin

Personalization and customization for avatar creation at its best

Meta ready

Want to experience why having a virtual avatar is so hyped? Get Meta ready with us.

VR environments

Readily integratable avatars with all VR environments giving you seamless experience.

Efficiency Redefined!

Our processes are set in a way that provides us a streamlined procedure. We churn out thousands of models in a month. Our young and motivated 3D artists are process driven, making every model with utmost precision.

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