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3D NFT Art

NFT is one of the best mediums to secure online files (especially digital art) and prevent their misuse by imposing copyright. Selling digital art used to be tricky due to the ease with which it can be imitated, without giving credit or referring to the original artists. The NFTs, on the other hand, allows artists to gain credit for and create contracts that prevent unwarranted use of their art, by adding several clauses to their contract like the number of copies, price, duration of the offer, etc.


3D Model NFT Marketplace

One must wonder if any piece of digital art or digital contract can be NFTed, “why should I go for 3D NFT only?”. 3D modeling turns descriptions or pictures into experiences which is why 3D NFTs have a variety of uses for the owner. One of the biggest appeals of the metaverse is that we can now interact as entities inside a virtual world and not through our computer and mobile screens.


In the past, all assets or commodities purchased within the game were limited to the game would be lost if the account was stolen, disabled, or the player left. The old model has been replaced by NFTs. NFTs turn these in-game purchases into a store of value. Items can be sold on the secondary market or transferred to another gaming platform, providing gamers with a real-world value that is not tied to a single platform.


Similar to several gaming platforms, the Metaverse is also going to be one of the places where NFTs will serve as proof of ownership. Horizons grow much bigger though, this can now include, not just art, but infrastructure, supply chain models, identities (as Avatars and other formats), limited-edition goods, and other tangible assets turned digital. Cases of brands like Nike, NBA, Pizzahut, etc. using this feature for marketing are constantly making appearances. 


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