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Professional 3D Scan Cleanup Services

Reflect the precision of your real-life products into 3D scans

Enhance your 3D Scans with our Expert Cleanup Process

With meticulous fine-tuning and seamless integration, we deliver impeccable results that meet the highest standards of precision and detailing.

A Diverse Portfolio Showcasing Our Unparalleled Expertise

Navigate through our projects to know how we’ve transformed imperfections into pixel-perfect 3D models.

Adidas Pink White Women Shoes 3D Scanned ModelAdidas Pink White Women Shoes 3D Scanned Model

Why Choose Us?

We Specialise In Precise 3D Scanning Services.

  • Advanced Technology
    Advanced Technology
    Ikarus 3D employs cutting-edge technology to convert your 3D scans into high-precision, seamless and accurate 3D objects.
  • Versatile Capabilities
    Versatile Capabilities
    We have handled a wide range of raw photogrammetry jobs, from simple structures to complicated designs, historical artifacts to fashion items.
  • Precise Details
    Precise Details
    Our 3D scan cleaning procedures capture even the smallest details from your scans, making exact reconstructions of the original structure in all dimensions.
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance
    Through our proprietary Quality Assurance tool, we conduct thorough checks at every stage of the 3D scanning and modeling process.
  • Quick Turnarounds
    Quick Turnarounds
    With all 3D scan cleanups, our team follows a time-tested process to ensure faster turnaround times without compromising the quality.
  • In-House Quality Assurance
    In-House Quality Assurance
    We utilize our in-house QA tool to eradicate all irregularities and generate fully-optimized and flawless 3D designs.
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Transforming Raw Scans into Impeccable 3D Models

Our 3D artist follow a step-by-step process to turn flawed 3D models, elevating their quality and precision.


Receive raw 3D scans

We receive the photogrammetry or scanner scans and import them into our 3D modeling software.


Delete floating geometry

We remove the unwanted geometry that is not connected to the main mesh.


Smooth out model

We smooth the model to minimize bumps and irregularities.


Merge your scan’s geometry

We merge geometry if it consists of multiple objects and center and orient it to the origin.


Mesh optimisation

We optimize the number of vertices by reducing the polycount and using automated mesh retopology tools.


Fill texture gaps

We blend the colors and fix seams, then deliver a precise 3D scan model to you!

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Injecting intricacy into 3D models for an accurate depiction of reality in the digital sphere

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What is the process of 3D scanning?
3D scanning is a technology that captures the physical shape and details of an object using specialized scanning equipment. The process involves capturing the object from all angles and stitching the data together to create a digital representation of the object's geometry.
How long does the 3D scanning process take?
The duration of the 3D scanning process depends on various factors such as the complexity and size of the object being scanned. Smaller objects typically require less time, while larger or intricate objects may take longer. Also, it is just the first part of creating a full 3D model, as the object created out of scans is incomplete.
Can you clean up small or delicate objects?
Yes! Our advanced 3D scan cleanup technology allows us to replenish the finest details of small or delicate objects with precision and accuracy. We take utmost care during the scan cleanup process to ensure the integrity of the object.
Do you offer post-processing services for scanned models?
Absolutely! We specialize in post-processing services to enhance and refine the scanned models. Our skilled team utilizes various techniques such as mesh optimization, texture mapping, and noise reduction to deliver high-quality, ready-to-use 3D models.
Can you create CAD models from the 3D scans?
Yes, we can convert 3D scan data into CAD (Computer-Aided Design) models. By utilizing specialized software and skilled designers, we can transform the scanned data into accurate and editable CAD models suitable for manufacturing, prototyping, or further design iterations.

Achieve Exceptional Results with Our 3D Scan Cleanup Services

Turning Imperfect Scans into Flawless 3D Models. Our team utilizes cutting-edge software to refine irregular 3D scans and deliver 3D models that boast extreme precisions.

Star Wars Baby Yoda 3D Scanned Model
Captured Intricacies
Texture Accuracy
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