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Make an Impact, together

It has always been our nature- as individuals and as a company to push beyond limits; go beyond the conventional, and create something awe-inspiring. We have set our own rules; made our own definitions and they are upheld to our best effort. This uncompromising attitude towards our values shows up in all our areas of work. We believe in “hiring for the attitude” and providing everyone with an opportunity to sharpen their axes; to develop their skills and grow as a professional.
From day one, you are an integral part of our mechanisms. We are here to back you up with all we have got, mentorship, training, resources, anything that helps you deliver results efficiently and creatively; emphasis on ‘results’ though, because ‘almost’ is ‘nothing’.

As intense as this sounds, one gets all the support and mentorship and their own space to get into their own foolish ways and make their own smart mistakes. Iterate and reiterate, absorb knowledge, make mistakes, and learn from them. Try it as many times as you need to. Learn from experiences, resources, and the art of giving and receiving feedback. As artists, feedback is butter to our bread, and again, we extend it to every dimension of our work culture. We believe that giving one space and time to experiment and grow, is crucial in the making of a genius, therefore, we have so many geniuses onboard!

In crux, the culture of Ikarus 3D is a culture of learning and growing together. No one is allowed to be stagnant; no sticking to your role. Know what is inside the box so you can think outside it, and then smash the box to pieces. Always exceed your own expectations.


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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Don’t see a job you’re interested in or information you need? Reach out to us anytime to explore options. We are always happy to sit down for a Redbull, or talk things out.

Ikarus 3D is proud to have 100% gender pay
parity across the board.

Team Driven

At Ikarus, you work with the best of the best talents in the industry. We ensure that you get complete exposure by working on various projects with different teams and mentors. We encourage you to explore new opportunities and build new skills.

Learning & Education

We believe in investing in our people. Your personal growth is essential to us, and we enable that by providing professional courses and training that puts your career on a growth trajectory. 

Your Work, Your Life

Our priority is to provide a healthy work environment that nurtures the creator within you. We understand the importance of work and personal life balance and encourage our teams to invest time in physical and emotional health. 

Pimp My Workstation

High performers are always celebrated and awarded. For us your efforts and initiatives matter more than your tenure. You will find recognition, praise and rewards are provided in abundance here.  

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